Lynda – Sapphire for Video Editors


Lynda – Sapphire for Video Editors

Lynda - Sapphire for Video Editors

Intermediate | 2h 37m | 2.55 GB | Project Files | Software used: Premiere Pro, Media Composer, Sapphire

Title: Lynda – Sapphire for Video Editors


Info: There are a lot of plugin packages available for video editors. The Sapphire suite is an all-in-one solution containing hundreds of effects, presets, and workflows that are aimed at taking professional video work to the next level. Join Nick Harauz as he takes you through the basics of working with effects, presets, transitions, lighting, backgrounds, textures, and more. Find out how to create unique and useful content to impress clients.


t201801171051.part1.rar : >下载<
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t201801171051.part3.rar : >下载<
t201801171051.part4.rar : >下载<


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