Navie Effex and Effex Krakatoa 2.70.72 for Cinema 4D Win Mac


Navie Effex and Effex Krakatoa 2.70.72 for Cinema 4D Win Mac

Navie Effex and Effex Krakatoa 2.70.72 for Cinema 4D Win Mac

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The new Effex is a modular, object-oriented framework inside of Cinema 4D that offers a variety of effects to be modelled, animated, simulated and rendered. Each object acts on its own and offers a certain functionality to extent the framework or existing functionality.


Bullet Dynamics & Two-Way Coupling

Rigid Bodies and Fluids are one of the most used features for VFX nowadays. Effex brings these two now together by providing the artist with a quick and easy way to create rigid body dynamics for volumes using the most popular Bullet Physics library.

Furthermore these dynamic volumes can be fully coupled to fluid dynamics allowing two-way interaction. Ships floating on water or cars being carried away by a massive flood based on physical properties like mass and density is a breeze now.


State-of-the-Art Surface Tension

The new surface tension models make the big difference when simulating small scale effects and equip the artist with brand new algorithms based on latest research.

It provides the artist with new ways to create bubble dynamics, wiggling water droplets and similar small scale phenomena increasing realism in these scenarios.


Pipeline Viewer

Full control of the whole simulation pipeline is now given via the Pipeline Viewer giving the artist the chance to define and understand when the used nodes are evaluated during a given timestep. Making it easier to create and manage complex simulation setups.

Also it opens the door for custom setups to be handled by simply reordering nodes.


Vast Effex API

Now shipping with a vast API for third party developers it gives read & write access to the most important structures in Effex like Particles, Channels, Volumes etc.. So external renderers or other plugins can now easily support Effex simulation data!

Furthermore it allows third parties to create their own plugin constraints, forces and operators to extent the Effex Framework opening the door to new/custom algorithms being introduced even during a running project.


High-Quality Viscosity for Gases

Effex’ high-quality viscosity is not an own liquid dynamics node any longer (viscous liquids) but has been rewritten to now be available as a setting in all fluid dynamics!

This means you can now also use it for any smoke and fire simulation which adds to the realism and quality tremendously (and is not available in any other package we know of).

Also variable viscosity is of course possible to mimic real-world behaviors even more (such as lowered viscosity at higher temperatures).


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